Body in the Prison of Soul (ekönyv)

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What might push an intelligent and pretty girl into the life-threatening trap of starvation? How does the soul take over control of the body stealthily, and drive it to despairing thinness?
The illness called anorexia nervosa has an ever-wider circle of victims, mostly young girls. We might think their good fortune provided them with everything: An attractive figure, outstanding abilities, and a charming personality. However, they live in permanent dissatisfaction. They feel they are not perfect and they are unsuited for life. Dancing on the edge of being and non-being, they loose weight to a fearful extent, and people around them just watch helplessly as they destroy their health.
In the novel, the secret of Anikó’s diary is revealed. The story describes her struggle with anorexia and with herself, and the way in which she moves from a hopeless fight to a liberating recovery. Between the lines of the novel, all those who would like to get to know their own character better and want to find their real way in life, can find themselves.

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