Budapest Bites (ekönyv)

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Did you know that Hungarian cooks began using paprika only centuries after the Turkish occupation in the 16th and 17th century? Can you imagine a Hungarian cookbook without a goulash recipe? You don’t need to. Budapest Bites contains the best one. Among the recipes you’ll find some that are fully traditional, such as the pörkölt or almost old-school such as the crépes stuffed with chicken paprikash, while others show a bit more refinement. For example, the popular Hungarian spread, körözött, is here prepared with the addition of beer, and the dough for plum dumplings has roasted poppy seeds for that extra zap! Budapest Bites introduces contemporary Hungarian cuisine, gives a historical perspective to the past of our gastronomy and shows an overview of Transylvanian, Jewish, Turkish effects. The author of this spectacular cookbook is Zsófia Mautner, the famous Hungarian cooking TV show host and writer, who is pioneering a fresh approach to traditional Hungarian food and shares the secrets of delectable local specialties. The book is perfect for anyone interested in Hungarian culture, gastronomy or would like to try our recipes at home.
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