Champion Of The Soul (ekönyv)

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A Formula1 pilot’s life is not simple, well I say? The young Ryan Wilson Sauber pilot of luck in his career. But it did not last long. Until then he’s got a bright life, as long as the curse cracking down him ( day of the World Cup ) Car accident dies him. But Ryan get to heaven, where the angels big offer offered. Meanwhile, Ryan sister of 16 year-old Gemma and Ryan team-mate Felipe Nasr desperately look to the future. But 3 months after arrive in a new Sauber pilot’s Marcus Ericsson, who Ryan Wilson soul live in Marcus Ericsson body. Marcus is not easy to live, but why Ryan Wilson got his life back Marcus Ericsson body? The answer to reveal his father’s evil secret. But he knows it can not do it alone, him teammate “they are made the big adventure”. But later , none of them will be easy life, as Gemma did not……

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