YOGA in the bed

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“The Single Great Masculine Orgasm” is a myth that is living its last days. The ‘lightning’ style of a man is very far away from fulfilling the wishes and aspirations of a couple, and above all one could hardly call it a style. Rather it brings a dizzy rush to the ‘Big Ending’. Everything is subsidized and guided by our sexual instincts that deprive us of an exciting world of elusive erotic sensations. For a few moments the primary Eros gets to a paroxysmal level, there are some muscle spasms, and after that comes silence. This silence is his and not hers. Even though she does not say anything at that moment, sooner or later the stream of accusations and complaints will follow from her and not necessarily on erotic themes. It follows a kind of bomb with a delayed effect? For any reason and at any time, tireless, she will accuse him about anything. However, it is not only the woman who gets frustrated. Orientals say, “Pleasure has to be lived, not consumed.” This shift in mindset is our passport to erotic Paradise…


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